Product – Astral Tides I


‘Astral Tides I’ is an original acrylic painting on canvas. It is 40 x 50cm or 15 x 19 inches in size. It has two coats of gloss varnish to give a shiny look.
My ‘Astral Tides’ is a ocean and colors themed series. This abstract painting is an inspiration from emotions to capture a glimpse of the soul in order to hand paint expressions that are raw and straight from heart. Use of color is harmonious yet dynamic while the motion is subtle yet dramatic. There is a balance and detail that makes this pieces sophisticated choice in abstract expressionism art.

PLEASE NOTE : Painting will be removed from the stretcher bars and shipped rolled in a large tube. You will need to take the painting to your local framer to be re-stretched.

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Published by Neena

Abstract Artist.