Custom Mandala

Art Commission for a sold artwork.

If you are interested in a mandala drawing / painting that is already sold, I offer the option to commission the artwork. Just get in touch with me and tell me which mandala artwork you want me to recreate. After agreeing on the size and price (same size = same price as the sold artwork) I will start to work on it, and will send you photos of the created work usually within 2 weeks.

Keep in mind all artworks are handmade so they will be slightly different from the original.

Custom Art Request

Do you have a specific style or color scheme in mind, and would like me to make custom piece especially for you? I will do my best to accommodate your request for a unique artwork, as long as it is in the style of my abstract or mandala art. I will start with a (digital) sketch, after the customer’s approval. I will send you photos of the created painting within 2 weeks.

Interested in a custom artwork of a sold painting or a brand new piece? I would love to hear from you!

FREEDOM *(important note)

To create a beautiful and unique mandala piece, I need complete freedom of creation. That means, of course you can indicate to me what size and colors you like, but after that it is up to me to feel what will be created and let my imagination run free.

No purchase obligation

You are therefore not obliged to buy anything. When the painting is finished you will receive the photos at which point you can decide whether or not you want to buy the painting.