If you do not see a particular piece of artwork that fits your needs, you are looking for minor adjustments in color, you prefer a different format, wish to place a number of pieces of artwork together in a series, or any other desires / needs you may want expressed, commissioned artwork may offer the perfect solution.

Find a painting or two that appeals to you but doesn’t exactly fit your needs. Then contact me and we can discuss what I can do to make it the way you’d like…..perhaps more green…..or if everything works color-wise but you need it square instead of rectangular, or much taller, etc.   There are lots of variables we can play with.

As an abstract artist, I welcome commission pieces as it allows me to explore my expression through another person’s vision. My aim is to collaborate the clients own creativity and my artistic development to produce a personalized artwork.

But, please keep in mind that I only accept Commissions that are consistent with the look and style of my own work. Also, as each painting is completely original and hand-painted, it is virtually impossible to duplicate exactly (except for the digital work). Naturally I can reproduce the concepts, colors and feel of my work, but not the exact artwork.


My fluid acrylic art process is highly variable and I use many different techniques, patterns and paints. For commission based pieces, direction can be as broad as color schemes. However, as this is an abstract and fluid art form, the end product can never be precisely predetermined and that is the beauty of this process.

Prices will vary depending on the style of acrylic painting and the canvas size, however, use the acrylic page to obtain an idea of cost. To get an accurate quote please state the size and shape you desire as well as indicating which of my original works you like the style of.

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Mandala. Designed on Paper directly or digitally drawn and printed as one of the original prints.

A4 – €130, A3 – €180, A2 – €250
To get an accurate quote please state the size and level of detail you desire.

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