Hello Readers,

My Name: Neena
Wife. Mom. Software Engineer. Artist.
Indian. India. Germany

I am a  self-taught Abstract Artist.
I like to work in varieties. Also, love to experiment with various mediums. Hence, i work and learn simultaneously. By doing so, I have learned to let go of the need to know the outcome. My artwork evolves naturally and spontaneously, often changing course several times before all is revealed in the final piece.
My drawings are mostly of intricate lines, pattern design, zen repetitive work and paintings are colorful abstract (minimal or contemporary) depending on the mood and feeling at the time of creating.
I take pride in every piece of my work and I take my time to perfect all my pieces, from painting to packaging. My happiest moment is when I know that my work has brightened someone’s day.
Using unique color palettes, I create fresh, original pieces that bring any living space to life and fill the room with positive energy. Never be afraid to go bold with the myriads of colors that will leave you breathless and your guests dazzled.
A signed Certificate Of Authenticity will be included with all the paintings in my shop.
If you see a sold item or any other paintings you really like, please contact me about commission a similar original hand painted piece.
There is plenty here to just look at. There is something for everyone in my gallery.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy it.

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I ship from Stuttgart, Germany to most International locations including USA, Europe, Singapore and AUSTRALIA.
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