I am an Artist

I have no idea, why it is so hard to accept the status of Artist. Drawing was my hobby since i can remember. My father had even once joined me in a drawing class in summer vacations when i was kid, which i think only lasted for 2-3 days. After that life happened. Studies, Job …. made it impossible to draw anything.

Professionally, i am a software engineer. But currently i am not working. After marriage and no work, i started to draw. Initially, it was one drawing per day but later it changed to 1 – 2 drawing per day, depending on the speed and size of the work. Now a days, it is again impossible to draw even 1 drawing after having a kid. But i still try.

After lots of encouragement from friends and family members, i thought of opening shops to sell my art online. But i still can’t say that i am an artist. I don’t know why… maybe because

  1. i fear what my relatives might think of me or my art (as professionally i am a software engineer)
  2. being a self-taught artist is not good enough
  3. nobody would understand or like my work

What do you think? Is my fear reasonable or pointless?

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2 thoughts on “I am an Artist

  1. Hi, your fear is pointless. be positive.

    1. Really. Will try to be.

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